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Pre Sticktime



Chris plays with band 'Shrunken-Headbangers'

    Read Chris' pre Sticktime History.


Bob plays with band 'Jr. and The Jobless'

    Read Bob's pre Sticktime History.


Bart plays with band 'Ragtag'

    Read Bart's pre Sticktime History.


Russ plays with band 'Phish Phry"

    Read Rus' pre Sticktime History.



All the eventual Sticktime members are gaining valuable experience playing with these popular bands.




Late 2002 - Early 2003



Chris, Bob and Russ Meet and form 'SkyBox'



Through an chance cookware meeting SkyBox meets up with Bart. Everyone knows it is their destiny and to foundation of  STICKTIME is laid






Bob's damaged hand











Bands lands its first gig as Sticktime. They are booked to play a police gathering in western Maryland. And in something reminiscent of "The Blues Brothers" things don't go so well. The 95 car Grantsville pile-up occurred that very weekend, needless to say the police where a tad busy. And Sticktime played the wrong kind of classics for the retirees that weren't busy with the accident

However, with their strong dedication to "The Show" they found a small local bar to perform at.Truck stuck in the mud So the packed up and headed for their second gig of the day.


Well after getting the truck out of the mud that is.


The Show Must Go On!!


The bar tab that the roadies ran up however exceeded the bands fee for the show. A lesson is learned about roadies that work for beer.










Rus rocking Champions












Towards the end of a very trying year things started to smooth out. Gig's were becoming more regular and getting to them was becoming less of a gamble.











Sticktime plays grand opening of the North End Pub in Martinsburg WV. Ironically, Sticktime played the same establishment when it was named Somewhere Else Club. The band played the clubs last open night when the new owner closed it to create the new and much improved North End Pub.











Sticktime is constantly re-evaluating equipment to provide the best sound and show for its audience. A Plexiglas shield is introduced to the drum kit.



While the presence of the shield generates comments and inquiries for all who encounter it, it is very effective in bringing the stage volume down and saving Bob's ear drums.



The shield has many references including but not limited to "The Penalty Box",  "The Sin Bin", "Beer Bottle Deflector".









Days Inn Frederick


Sticktime plays Days Inn Hotel Corporate event in Frederick, MD. Owners want Sticktime to be "Their Band". Sticktime accepts.     (of course we did)








The Ott House


Sticktime lines up their first show at the Ott House in Emittsburg.









Sticktime gets the nod as The Ott House's 'House Band". Put into a bi-monthly rotation with their other favorites.








Band plays repeat performance in North East, MD at the Maryland Troopers Association fall bash. Cops LOVE us!!




The band learned some very valuable lessons this year. One that stands out is to lock the damn door on the trailer. Especially when Bart is driving around corners and equipment is spilling out on the road. Luckily just a cymbal stand, not a 24 channel digital recorder.










Second Year Done

Many lessons learned - Great Year!!









The Shrunken-Headbangers









SkyBox Goof Logo




SkyBox experiences its first tragedy - Bob's hand is mutilated in a bizarre accident while trying to apply aircraft technology to their stage work.


Bob makes an eventual recovery, while not as "good as new" he's is able to once again play guitar with his grotesque hand.






SkyBox plays LibertyStock 2002 and several private parties








SkyBox is changes its name to Sticktime







The grantsville pile-up











Trailer tire blowout







Soon thereafter on their way to another gig in eastern Maryland the equipment trailer blew its tire on the Baltimore Beltway.


Sticktime was becoming concerned about the traveling part of being a band.







Several shows later...


In June of 2003 the band lands a gig at Champions in Frederick. They get there without incident. While struggling some with the interesting acoustics of that venue the band has a successful show. Things are starting to look up!








First year...done.  Band not broken up.    Great Year!!








The North End Pub



This became our first regular gig! We played this club many times. These gigs became the shows other bands went to see. While the style of music was different than many of the bands that came to see them, the other bands appreciated  Sticktime's musical ability.




Boy in a bubble




















As the gigs have gotten more regular Sticktime decides to end their long relationship with U-haul and purchase their very own equipment trailer. Upon first seeing it Bart remarks "that thing has got Sticktime written all over it" We think he was suggesting that it was obviously a classic.







From Gig at Mount Saint Mary's


Sticktime was invited to play the Mount Saint Mary's University Alumni Reunion. On an interesting note both Bob and Chris graduated from The Mount in 1989 and 1985 respectively. It was great seeing all those successful people we graduated with who weren't trying to start a rock band to deal with their mid-life crisis.












Sticktime gets some press attention.

Cop Rock article appears in Frederick News Post



Ott House Gig 2004
Photo from Ott House Emittsburg





One Tough Lock




Now that we know how to lock the trailer door, let's remember to bring the key with us.


Some Advice


Buy Master Lock brand locks, they're a BITCH to get off.

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