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By Chris Holland

In order for Sticktime to produce the music, the show and let’s face it, allow us to have all the fun we have playing, we owe a debt of gratitude to many people. Chuck Eyler is our sound technician. If anyone knows about sound techs, they get all the complaints and virtually none of the accolades. He puts in the hours at the gigs and keeps us sounding great through dance tunes and blistering hard rock solos. And what about the wives. Well, let’s just say that none of us would be where we were today without the support and concessions our wives make. Chrissy allows us to use her house for a sound studio. Vicky allows us to use her barn as a live practice venue. Mary allows Bob to spend ridiculous amounts of money on instruments, and other equipment. And Diane allows me to play the music I’ve dreamed of for about for 20 years with an incredibly talented bunch of guys. Not to mention the support they give at the shows with beers and shots flowing all night.
Then we have Ken Eyler who is as dedicated as anyone to our success. He does everything from creating this website to helping haul equipment before and after shows. He is even there to cut the lock off the equipment trailer when we forget the key. We get help from other people as well with set up and breakdown. Anytime Sticktime plays we can count on help and support from people. Rus’ brothers and his drunken college friends have been known to help, or hinder. Mike Fluharty will lend a hand when he can and dozens of others who I just can’t remember. But you know who you are and Sticktime loves ya!
We would also like to thank Whitney Hahn who when we met was an awesome DJ with Frederick Maryland’s own WAFY Key 103 radio station. Whitney and her friends have been big supporters of Sticktime with technical advice and with marketing ideas. They now run Digital Bard Video Productions. If you need any video work done call them. Recently we have developed a wonderful relationship with local station 106.9 The Eagle. This is a kick ass local classic rock station. They have sponsored a few of our shows here in Frederick so check them out sometime.


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