Sticktime - Frederick Maryland's Premier Classic Rock Band

Bob Calo - Lead Guitar / VocalsBob Calo

Bob Calo 

Lead Guitar / Vocals 


Well, when Chris and I got this little project off the ground in 2001, who'd thunk we'd be where we are now...? After 12 years in the band, and putting in my 27th and final year with the Ole' State Po-Po, things are better than ever!


While Sticktime has gone through it's growing pains like everyone else who has ever tried to get a band going knows, we're now ready for WORLD DOMINATION!


One would think that the advent of my 50th birthday would have me slowing down, but me and my wireless guitar are just as mobile as ever although I seem to breaking more strings than I used to for some reason.


And now that my little home-made airplane is done, I make a habit of insuring that Chris and Rus' neighbors don't sleep in too late by buzzing their houses at 200 mph. I still can't believe I finished it. But hey, what's a rock band if one member isn't into planes, right? I mean... what could possibly happen?


Hope to see you at a gig soon




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